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Cover Lifters


Add a Cover Lift:
Using a cover lift can help prolong the life of your spa cover. Cover lifts reduce wear and tear caused by improper removal and replacement of the spa cover. Using a cover lift eliminates the need to drop, drag, push and pull the spa cover into position. Adding a cover lift adds to ease of use and extends the life of your cover.


  • EZ Lifter
    EZ Lifter
    Now $99.00
  • Cover Rock-It
    Cover Rock-It
  • Cover Rx
    Cover Rx
  • Cover Valet
    Cover Valet
  • Cover Caddy
    Cover Caddy
  • CoverMate I
    CoverMate I
  • CoverMate II
    CoverMate II
  • CoverMate III ECO
    CoverMate III ECO
    Now $129.00
  • CoverMate III
    CoverMate III
    Now $229.00


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