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Dust Cover

Dust Cover
Dust Cover
7'  $69.00
8'  $79.00

Protect your spa cover investment with a dust cover!

Extend the life of your Cover! The Hot Tub Cover Cap is made from tough durable woven polyethylene and is designed to protect your hot tub and hot tub cover from harsh weather conditions!

The dust cover is designed for all types of climates and will protect your spa cover from dirt and dust, pollen, tree sap, scratches cause by small animals and the harmful effects prolonged sun exposure.  

Made from rugged UV resistant woven polyethylene, the dust cover will keep your spa cover clean and looking brand new for many years. 

  • UV reflective woven polyethylene
  • 12” skirting with bungee style closure
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Shrink proof
  • Helps repel water
  • 2 popular sizes available – 84”x84” and 96”x96” (*see note on measurements)

When placing your order, please keep in mind the size of your current spa cover, your dust covermust be large enough to cover it. 

84”x84” dust covers are appropriate for spas 72”-84”

96”x96” dust covers are appropriate for spas 96” – 84” 

*Please call for a custom quote for spas that are round, under 72” in either direction or over 96” in either direction.

** The spa cover cap does NOT replace a hard foam spa cover. Dust covers are not waterproof.  In extremely windy conditions, the cover cap may need to be secured. 


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