Spa and Hot Tub Covers



Measuring your hot tub or spa is an important step when buying a new spa cover. Before you get nervous, don’t worry, there’s nothing to it.

By providing us with accurate measurement of your spa, we can ensure your spa cover will be a perfect fit!

Prices shown are for any size/shape cover up to 96"x96". Covers that exceed 96" in either direction or require speaker hoods, boots or special cut-outs, please call (855)-802-6837 for quote.

We do not recommend the 4x2 model spa cover for spas and hot tubs in regions that expeience heavy snow, wind and rainy seasons. Additionally, if your spa is larger than 84" it the 4x2 spa cover may begin to weaken and sag over time. 

Our 5x3 model spa cover is much better suited for extreme climates and will ensure your spa cover effectively protects your spa or hot tub for many years. 

Any questionable measurements will delay processing. 

We are not responsible for measurements submitted incorrectly or that are inaccurate. 

Spa covers are non-refundable and non-returnable. 


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